Hillary LeMay

Hillary Clinton apparently lives in a world in which saying that an Iranian attack on Israel would provoke “massive retaliation” and “total obliteration” is not a threat of nuclear reprisal. She even says that “use of nuclear weapons against Israel would provoke a nuclear response from the United States”, but Howard Wolfson says she isn’t threatening a nuclear attack. In other news, ignorance is strength.
What’s so frustrating about this isn’t just that it’s the kind of thing Charles Krauthammer says after a couple bumps of meth. It’s that even a conventional American response to an attack on Israel from a Muslim country has never happened. Not in 1948, when every Arab state was pitted against David Ben-Gurion’s militia. Not in 1967, when Nasser, Assad, and Hussein invaded the not even 20 years old, miles-wide Israel of the time. Not in 1973, when Sadat and Assad came damn close to beating Golda Meir. And all of those instances were before Israel developed a nuclear deterrent. The fact of the matter is that Israel has a much larger (which is to say, existing) nuclear stockpile than any other country in the Middle East, and that the IDF is the strongest conventional military in the region by far. It has defended itself without American military help from far greater threats to its existence than Iran, at times when it was much weaker. If they could afford for us to stay out of it then, they can afford for us to stay out of it now.

1 thought on “Hillary LeMay

  1. Yeah, I agree, Clinton’s comment is unrealistic and unhelpful. In certain quarters people can be excessively dismissive about Israel’s defense — sometimes implying that any military defense of Israel, even self-defense, is a parasitic interest and a threat to the region. But Clinton is going way beyond prudent support of Israel with this remark.

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