Computers Are My Hot, Hot Sex

Shorter Paul Krugman and Kevin Drum: if you exclude the most important invention of the late 20th century, (the computer), the late 20th century wasn’t all that impressive invention-wise. What gives?
To be fair to them, this isn’t an uncommon impulse. For some reason, most boomers really seem to think that flying cars are more impressive than the Internet. It’s insane, and not really defensible at all (I’d argue that the Internet and personal computing have done more to improve quality of life than anything since and possibility including the railroad), but it’s common.

2 thoughts on “Computers Are My Hot, Hot Sex

  1. Krugman is absolutely not saying that the Internet is less impressive than any other particular thing. That’s the opposite of what he thinks. In other contexts he has explained how fundamental the Internet is to economic progress.
    He wrote a column in which he said that the industrialization of China, India, and other countries is running up against a limit on total world resources such as oil and copper. In his blog post yesterday, he addresses the rosy scenario in which bright boys make the problem disappear with new inventions. He says, correctly, that the recent past can be misinterpreted as an age of across-the-board technological revolution. In reality, in the past 40 years, there was a computer revolution, but mechanical technology didn’t change all that much.

  2. Fair enough; I guess my gripe is more with Drum, as outside of the context of Chinese/Indian industrialization there isn’t much “woe is me” to be done when something as impressive as computing has com along.

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