Ashwin Wins

The congressional candidacy of Ashwin Madia, of Minnesota’s Third District, has been a pet interest of mine for a while now. He started out a clear underdog, a Fightin’ Dem battling against the mayor of Edina, a former Republican with a local base, and a State Senator with loads of institutional and union backing. By early March, Madia was the clear frontrunner, and said mayor had dropped out, but Terri Bonoff, the State Senator, was refusing to concede as the race paralleled the presidential one more and more closely.
But the primary campaign ended today at the CD3 Convention, when after hours of voting and nine total ballots, Bonoff graciously conceded and Madia was selected as the Democratic Farmer-Labor party’s candidate for the seat. He has still has a lot of work ahead of him; State Rep. Erik Paulsen, the Republican nominee, is a potent foe. But Madia’s ability to win what should have been an impossible primary for him speaks really well of his chances this November. He’s one step closer to becoming the excellent Congressman I know he’d be.
One last thing: thanks to MNPublius, MNBlue, and Minnesota Campaign Report for their excellent coverage of this race as it progressed. The mainstream media did barely any coverage at all, especially the Star-Tribune, so these local progressive blogs were invaluable sources of news on the ups and downs of the Madia and Bonoff campaigns. Without them, I never would have understood the DFL nominating process as well as I do now, and I would have been far more in the dark about exactly how well Madia was doing. Particular thanks are in order for Sean from MNPublius and Joe from the Campaign Report for their liveblogging of the CD3 convention today; needless to say, I was refreshing their sites a whole lot this afternoon. This is blogging at its best.

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