Mugabe Resigning

This is unquestionably good news:

Advisers to President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe are in talks with the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, amid signs that Mr. Mugabe may be preparing to resign, a Western diplomatic source and a prominent Zimbabwe political analyst said Tuesday. The negotiations about a possible transfer of power away from Mr. Mugabe come after he apparently concluded that a runoff election would be demeaning, a diplomat said.

Mugabe is in close competition with Kim Jong-Il and Islom Karimov for the “world’s worst dictator” award, between literally breaking the skull of a leading dissident (Tsvangirai, in fact), land reform that makes someone who hates the term “reverse racism” as much as I do queasy, and inflation rates that are almost in the same ballpark as those of Weimar Germany. Zimbabwe is sufficiently messed up by 28 years of his rule that I doubt a Tsvangirai administration would be able to make a whole lot of progress, but at the very least it’ll stop the damage from worsening. Of course, this isn’t official yet, but the fact that Mugabe’s considering it is good news in itself.
P.S. Isn’t it sweet that Ian Smith didn’t live long enough for celebrate this for all the wrong reasons?

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