As you may have heard, the senior year of high school has become an insane ritual in which students are asked to express the essence of their being in 500 words or less, have their intelligence summarized by one four-digit number and one two-digit decimal, and wait anxiously for four months to find out what the end result is going to be. Well, that waiting period ended for me today. I applied to five schools (Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, Swarthmore, and Michigan), got rejected from two (Princeton and Swarthmore) and admitted to three (Harvard, Chicago, and Michigan), and just accepted the admissions offer of one this afternoon (Harvard). I was lucky enough to find five places that I knew I’d be happy at, and so even if I only got into one I would have been fine. But for all Chicago’s dorky charms, Harvard won out in the end. All the research on the matter suggests that none of this really has any bearing on my success in life, but nonetheless this represents the end of one of the more stressful periods in my life, and for that I’m thankful.
P.S. Princeton sucks.

9 thoughts on “Colleges

  1. Your west coast family is very proud of you, even if we never stopped giving your Dad grief for going to Harvard. It’s good to have you back. I missed your posts while you were in England and otherwise engaged recently.

  2. Congratulations. I remember the college application and selection ritual well. Oh, the palpitations when going for the mailbox! I am happy it ended satisfactorily for you.
    What you may not have heard about your school of choice is that the favored pastime of Harvard students is practice of lewd acts upon the corpses of goats. I know this to be true because I learned it while an undergrad at Yale 🙂

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