England was pretty great. Sky News really makes one pine for the crappiness of American 24-hour news stations. Sean Hannity may try to paint Obama as a racist and anti-Semite, but at least he was discussing politics; Sky’s top story Monday night was the settlement of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ divorce, with the second being Arthur C. Clarke and Anthony Minghella’s deaths, and Obama’s race speech a distant third, meriting a couple sentences. Speaking of the speech, I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch it in its entirety, but from the limited exposure I got in Britain it’s either the second coming of Lincoln or the second coming of Farrakhan, one of which seems likelier than the other.
Other scattered happenings and observations:

  • I made good on my promise to start picking up Radiohead EPs, getting My Iron Lung, Airbag/How Am I Driving?, and COM LAG (2plus2isfive). On a related note, Fopp is the greatest chain music store to ever exist. If I ever win the lottery, I’m flying to Heathrow, finding the nearest franchise, and buying it out.
  • The Orchard at Grantchester is very cool; one can read about the exploits of Brooke, Wittgenstein, Keynes, Russell, Woolf, and Forster, all while eating cake and sipping tea. If you’re ever near Cambridge, check it out.
  • Unless you really love hostel-quality accommodations and uncleaned sheets, steer clear of the Shakespeare Hotel in London. Hedley House in York, by contrast, is excellent, and a bargain.
  • Every train in the UK has free Wi-Fi. This is significantly less exciting when one brought neither a laptop nor an iPod Touch.
  • The London Underground is very scared about people failing to Mind the Gap, even though said gap is usually about four inches wide and thus impossible for all but the extremely underweight to fall into. This is puzzling yet charming in a very English way.
  • Top Gear is a quality program.
  • Listening to an organ recital while sitting in Poets’ Corner and gazing up at Chagall stained glass windows is an amazing experience.
  • 1 thought on “Back

    1. Why ever were you watching Sky News? Sky’s part of News Corp – nuff said. The two best TV news programmes in the UK are Newsnight (BBC2) and Channel 4 News (made by ITN).
      Glad you enjoyed Grantchester and the Abbey.

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