Ohio and Texas

Ugh. On the one hand, this wasn’t the huge shift it’s being made out to be. Chuck Todd is saying Clinton made up six delegates, and TPM Election Central is guessing around ten. Neither of those are big changes; Obama still has a triple digit lead, the next two contests (Wyoming and Mississippi) are going to break heavily for him, and he’ll have seven weeks to concentrate on the unfavorable terrain of Pennsylvania. He’s still the prohibitive favorite for the nomination.
But still, ugh. This means at least seven more weeks of fighting; I see no reason why Clinton would want to get out before Pennsylvania. And that, in turn, means seven weeks of crap like this. For Clinton to describe the Republican nominee as more qualified for the presidency than her primary opponent is just beyond the pale. It’s doing the Republicans’ job for them, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. But she’s going to keep doing it, and part of me worries that Obama won’t respond by putting the Jack Keane story in an ad airing on every Pennsylvania network affiliate. He should, and if there’s any justice in the world it’ll be damn effective, but so far he’s let Clinton do all the negative campaigning in this race. The pushing of the tax return story is encouraging, but we’ll need more to win Pennsylvania where everything from endorsements to demographics is working against us.
What’s more, David Weigel more or less proves that Clinton wouldn’t have won Ohio without support from Rush Limbaugh followers voting strategically, and Matt Yglesias shows she wouldn’t have won without racists, either. Neither of those is an acceptable way to win a Democratic primary.

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