So, they’re starting right now. I fully expect No Country for Old Men to sweep picture, director, adapted screenplay, and supporting actor, though There Will Be Blood deserves to win all but the last category. Daniel Day-Lewis, Julie Christie, and Cate Blanchett are all going to win their second statues (though the latter two categories ought to go to Ellen Page and Saoirse Ronan), and Diablo Cody’s going to deservedly win for original screenplay. As for the rest, well, I’m pretty apathetic. I guess I expect Sicko and Ratatouille to win for Documentary and Animated Feature. There’s a justice of a kind in the Coen Brothers finally cleaning up after being the oddballs of the industry for 20-odd years, so I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed if that scenario pans out.
By the way, this is awesome:

I may or may not have spent today walking around screaming “I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my boy!” at random intervals. And by “may or may not have” I mean “definitely did”. As my dad pointed out upon watching it, this is made all the better by the fact that SNL cast member Maya Rudolph is P.T. Anderson’s girlfriend.
P.S. So my predictions weren’t that off. Sicko lost to Taxi to the Dark Side, which I’ve got to see at some point, Julie Christie lost to Marion Cotillard, which isn’t a total shock, and Tilda Swinton beat out Cate Blanchett, which seemed like it came out of nowhere. But except for those three, I got ’em right. Good for the Coens.

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