Ethical Question

I’m currently taking a class on U.S. foreign policy, and we just did a segment on containment, including the Long Telegram and NSC-68. Would it be plagiarism for me to turn in an essay with this title, written by a student of d at LGM’s?

“Best Contain Yo’ Self Before Communism Claim Yo’ Self.”

Because, really, that is easily the greatest political science paper title in the history of, of everything.

1 thought on “Ethical Question

  1. It’s never plagiarism if you cite it. I don’t know what format you’re using (APA or Chicago I’m assuming). Or maybe you don’t have to use a particular citation style (I never did in high school) in which case you can just foot-note it (I think). Of course, using someone else’s title might be considered unoriginal, so I’d definitely recommend a subtitle appended to it. Definitely I title I’d want to use.

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