Ethical Question

I’m currently taking a class on U.S. foreign policy, and we just did a segment on containment, including the Long Telegram and NSC-68. Would it be plagiarism for me to turn in an essay with this title, written by a student of d at LGM’s?

“Best Contain Yo’ Self Before Communism Claim Yo’ Self.”

Because, really, that is easily the greatest political science paper title in the history of, of everything.

One thought on “Ethical Question

  1. It’s never plagiarism if you cite it. I don’t know what format you’re using (APA or Chicago I’m assuming). Or maybe you don’t have to use a particular citation style (I never did in high school) in which case you can just foot-note it (I think). Of course, using someone else’s title might be considered unoriginal, so I’d definitely recommend a subtitle appended to it. Definitely I title I’d want to use.

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