Thursday Night Radiohead Blogging

In light of Matt Yglesias and Spencer Ackerman’s debate about Gin Blossoms (correct answer: “Follow You Down”), I thought I’d note that my brother was kind enough to give me Amnesiac and Pablo Honey for my birthday, thus rendering me the proud owner of all seven of Radiohead’s studio albums. Now I have to start buying the EPs, I guess. Surprisingly, I liked Pablo Honey more; Amnesiac sounds like a compilation of songs that couldn’t make the cut for Kid A (which, of course, it is), whereas Pablo Honey is a pretty solid guitar-pop album. And that’s not just because it has “Creep”; “You”, “Lurgee”, and “Anyone Can Play Guitar” are all good too. My favorite, which I like even better than “Creep”, has to be “Stop Whispering”:

Blonde Thom Yorke: who knew that ever happened? Oh, and do you want to see a faked Beatles cover of “Stairway to Heaven”? Yeah, you do:


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