Double Standards

Last November, after the Philadelphia debate in which Obama was very aggressive in criticizing her record, Hillary Clinton said this:

I understand that Senator Obama, periodically when he’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost his appeal.

It was a fairly straightforward statement, rubbing in the fact that Obama was down in a lot of polls at the time. Except Clinton didn’t say that. She actually said, “I think they’re piling on because I’m winning,” in reference to both Obama and Edwards. The two sentence mean basically the same thing and achieve the same effect; the first just happened to have been said by Obama this past week about Clinton, while the second was said by Clinton in November about Obama. When Clinton said what she did, there wasn’t much of a hubbub. When Obama said what he said, however, it was a crystal-clear testament to his raging misogyny. Because all critical comments about Hillary Clinton are latently sexist. Always. Here’s to Scott Lemieux and Hilzoy for not buying this crap; it’s probably the most strained attempt to find sexism since Jessica Valenti decided the word “perceive” was offensive.

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