How Convenient

This, from Michael Crowley, is pretty funny:

Harold Ickes argued in favor of seating the Florida delegations based on the January 29 vote there. But in response to a reporter’s question, he was forced to admit that, as a DNC rules committee member last year, he had voted for stripping the state’s delegates.

Now, this might seem like a gotcha question, but I think it’s important. It speaks to a point Ezra Klein made the other day, namely that when the DNC was actually ruling on whether or not to strip Florida and Michigan of delegates, Hillary, her campaign, and her supporters didn’t object to punitive measures, and even released a statement implicitly approving of them. It was only when it became clear that seating the delegates would benefit her that we started hearing cries about Obama’s desire to disenfranchise Floridians and Michiganders (it’s a word, I swear). This isn’t about justice, or the democratic process; it’s about one campaign wanting to alter the rules in their favor.

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