Why Kerrey Doesn’t Suck In ’08

You know why I still have a deep, abiding respect for Bob Kerrey, despite his Muslim-baiting comments, support for Social Security privatization, and opposition to withdrawal? It’s because he does things like this:

“You don’t change the rules in the middle of the game. Period,” said former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, The New School’s president, when asked if the delegates from the Florida and Michigan primaries should be represented at the Democratic National Convention in August. Scoopy ran into Kerrey on Sunday at Chelsea Piers, where Kerrey had taken his young son and a friend bowling.
“No new vote and no new caucuses, either. Just stick to the rules that they agreed to,” Kerrey said firmly.

Say what you will about the man, but this is of a piece with his record in the Senate. Despite representing a deeply conservative state, he voted against the DOMA, backed single-payer health care, and fought for a progressive consumption tax. And now, even as he’s supporting Hillary Clinton, he sees her Michigan/Florida power grab for the cynical ploy it is. Even if he’s wrong on some important issues, you can’t deny the man has principle.

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