Wednesday Night 2-Year Old Music Blogging

So last year, at Matt Yglesias’ recommendation, I added Paper Television by The Blow to by “Save for Later” list on eMusic. However, I didn’t download any of it until last month, when I got “Parentheses”. This was a huge mistake, since “Parentheses” is made of awesome. I don’t care if they nicked the handclaps from “My Boyfriend’s Back”, because they use them better than The Angels did. Moreover, the song has not one (“if something in the deli aisle makes you cry”) but two (“you’re not a baby if you feel the world”) killer bridges. And I’m a sucker for good bridges. Observe:

This month, when my eMusic downloads refreshed, I bought the rest of the album, and, amazingly, “Parentheses” is not the best track on it. That would be “Fists Up”, which has to be one of the best songs I’ve heard in years:
The first two minutes are merely very good, the chorus especially so, but then Khaela Maricich throws herself into the “it was perfect, you know / with just one little problem / the fact that it turns out you don’t really want it” bridge for the rest of the song and I’m left in total awe.

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