Somehow, I don’t think this tactic of Bill Clinton’s will be very effective:

Obama has won 23 of 35 contests, earning the majority of delegates awarded on the basis of election results. The remaining 796 delegates are elected officials and party leaders whose votes are not tied to state primaries or caucuses; thus, they are dubbed “superdelegates.”

Some are folks who owe the Clintons a favor but still feel betrayed or taken for granted. Could that be why Bill Richardson, a former U.N. secretary and energy secretary in the Clinton administration, refused to endorse her even after an angry call from the former president? “What,” Bill Clinton reportedly asked Richardson, “isn’t two Cabinet posts enough?”

But no, the Clintons don’t feel entitled or anything. Why would you think that, crazy person?
Meanwhile, David Wilhelm, Clinton’s campaign manager in 1992 and a former DNC chair, has endorsed Obama. Gotta love the symbolism there.

2 thoughts on “Guilt-Tripping

  1. Hillary seems too power hungry. I don’t think she has the country’s best interests in mind; she just wants to win.
    She’s one of the most divisive candidates. Although she’s very moderate or even slightly to the right, for some reason the republicans hate her with a passion. Obama, on the other hand, would unite and heal the country.

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