Edwards and Gilchrist

Regardless of one’s thoughts on the presidential contest, I think all left-of-center people can agree that it’s for the best that Al Wynn, the center-right, war-boosting, Bush tax cut and bankruptcy reform-supporting Congressman from Maryland’s 3rd district got beaten from by lefty Donna Edwards last night. Given as Wynn has consistently gotten around 80% of the vote in his past general elections, Edwards’ primary win is basically tantamount to victory. She’ll make a great Congresswoman, orders of magnitude better than Wynn has been.
The other seriously contested primary election in Maryland last night didn’t turn out so well. First District Congressman Wayne Gilchrist, a moderate Republican who opposes the war, was defeated by Andy Harris, a candidate backed by the Club for Growth and former Governor Bob Ehrlich. Given as Gilchrist hasn’t gotten less than 60% in a general election since 1992, Harris is still favored to win in November, though he’ll have a tougher time of it. It’d be nice if Harris does eventually lose to the Democratic nominee, Frank Kratovil, but it seems likelier that we’ll just lose one of the few surviving GOP moderates in the House in favor of a dime-a-dozen war backer, which would be a damn shame.

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