Anywhere I Lay My Head Tracklist

You know Anywhere I Lay My Head, the Scarlett Johansson cover album of Tom Waits tunes? Well, the tracklist is out:

01 Fawn
02 Town With No Cheer
03 Falling Down
04 Anywhere I Lay My Head
05 Fannin’ Street
06 Song for Jo
07 Green Grass
08 I Wish I Was in New Orleans
09 I Don’t Want to Grow Up
10 No One Knows I’m Gone
11 Who Are You?

“Song for Jo” is a Johansson original, but the rest are all Waits. David Bowie’s going to be singing on “Falling Down” and “Fannin’ Street”, which should be pretty cool. I’m probably most excited about the title track, “Town With No Cheer”, and “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”, though the latter sounds pretty, um, interesting:

As far as the covers themselves, “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” will probably turn some heads. The report describes the track as having “drum machine beats straight out of a New Order song.” Oh boy.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Waits has never used a drum machine himself, let alone New Order-style beats. Then again, I’m pretty sure Waits has never played an instrument not built by a deformed Prussian carnie from the 1840s, so that isn’t saying a whole lot. In any case, Johansson says he likes the album:

“I sent him some of the early, early recordings,” Johansson told journalists at a press conference yesterday, “and he said, ‘Go ahead.’
“I’ve heard he’s very pleased.”

I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Anywhere I Lay My Head Tracklist

  1. I don’t know, I’m kind of disappointed by this list. Where’s Come On Up to the House? Fumblin’ With the Blues? Big in Japan? New Coat of Paint? Tom Traubert’s Blues?

  2. Yeah, I would have loved “Big in Japan” and “Come On Up to the House”, not to mention “Singapore”, “Johnsburg, IL”, and “16 Shells from a 30-6”. But then again, I only own Rain Dogs, Swordfishtrombones, Bone Machine, and Mule Variations, so I’m not really in a place to judge ScarJo’s taste in Waits.

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