Yes, the Grammies always suck, and yes, it’s awesome that Barack Obama beat Bill Clinton in the Best Spoken Word Album category, but still: why must the Grammy voters make me suffer so much?
Really, I didn’t ask for much. All I wanted was for Feist to win every category she was nominated in and for Neon Bible to win Best Alternative Album. That’s all. Okay, so I was rooting for Sound of Silver for Best Dance Album and “D.A.N.C.E.” for Best Dance Recording too, but I really cared about Feist and Arcade Fire. But no. None of those won. Feist lost all four of her categories to Amy Winehouse. Justice lost to Justin Timberlake. LCD Soundsystem lost to the Chemical Brothers. Arcade Fire lost to the White Stripes.
And the thing is, I don’t hate, or even dislike any of the victors. They’re just not as good as the acts they beat. So I can’t be happy about the outcome, but I can’t channel my anger into hatred of the winners. I can, however, take pleasure in the fact that a band named “Justice” lost something, er, unjustly.

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