Excellent Blog Awards

It’s really nice of Matt Zeitlin and Ned Resnikoff to bestow “Excellent Blog Awards” upon me. I do, however, object to Matt’s assertion that I am “like [him], except with better music taste and without the typos”. For one thing, I most certainly have my fair share of typos, and the archives to prove it. If MarsEdit lacked a spell-checker, it’d be a whole heckuvalot worse. As for “better” music taste, I think what he means is that I’m a snob with a need to impose said snobbery on the world in blog form. Not so sure that’s a good thing. As for Ned’s statment that I’m “the best argument for Obama in the blogosphere”, well, wow. Thanks, Ned.

In any case, this is a worthy meme to pass along, so here’s my list:

Matt: As we often joke, we’re basically the same person. It’s pretty frightening. We’re both indie rock-loving, Obama-supporting, philosophy-reading, liberally blogging high school seniors. We just live on different coasts. Anyway, he does stellar analysis of everything from economics, to political theory, to foreign policy. If you’re not reading him, you should be.

Ned: He’s wittier, snappier, and snarkier (in a good way) than anyone else on my blogroll. He’s as sharp on pop culture as he is on politics, which is to say “very”. I mean, the man wrote a post called “Andrew W.K. is smarter than all of us”. While doing that is worthy of praise in and of itself, it’s also brilliantly done. It perfectly evokes the hilarity verging on horror that Andrew W.K. was brought to Earth to spread. Go read.

Brian Beutler: Beutler has a unique way of writing a post of two or three sentences that makes a point that a) I’ve never heard made before b) I hadn’t thought of before and c) is utterly brilliant. His mixture of concision and originality is pretty refreshing.

The Duck of Minerva: Long-time readers have probably figured out that I’m a pretty big IR theory nerd. So naturally, a blog composed of IR professors (Dan Nexon, Rodger Payne, Charli Carpenter, Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, Maia Gemmill, and Peter Howard) is immensely appealing. Moreover, the writers at DoM are insanely smart and witty; witness Dan Nexon’s opus, Harry Potter and International Relations.

FP Passport: Blake Hounshell (aka praktike)? Check. Foreign Policy magazine staff writers? Check. Copious photo-illustration? Check. Best FP commentary and news on the web? Oh, what a check.

Of course, there are many, many other sites I read regularly and love, but these five in particular don’t get nearly enough love. Keep at it, guys.

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