Sign of a Good Album

So when Spencer Ackerman posted a link to a stream of Clipse’s new mix-tape, We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3, I opened it in a tab in Safari, planning on listening to it tonight and listening to the Smithereens album I bought last night in the meantime. But the mix-tape started playing as soon as I loaded the sight, and before I could pause it, it started getting really awesome. So I’m listening to it instead. Seriously, who produced this thing? It’s 180º from the minimalism of Hell Hath No Fury; Neptunes-style crazy percussion and wacked-out rhythms remain, but there’s also huge, dirty synths and horns. It has the thickest backing tracks I’ve heard outside of Paul’s Boutique and the Roots. But the Roots are an actual band, and the Dust Brothers didn’t have to bother with sample clearance when they produced Paul’s Boutique; granted, mix-tapes are kind of extra-legal, so for all I know Clipse didn’t clear their samples either, but all the still, it’s quite something. If you don’t mind listening to a nasal guy rap about dealing cocaine, give it a listen.

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