Serbia Ascendent

So the good news out of Serbia today is that incumbent President Boris Tadíc, the social democratic, Western-leaning ally of slain PM Zoran Đinđić, has beaten the neo-fascist war criminal, and Milosevic ally, Tomislav Nikolić in the run-off for the Presidency, after coming in second to Nikolić in the first round. This comes right before a Kosovar secession is expected. Both candidates oppose secession, of course, but Tadíc has ruled out military action and has said he’s committed to seeking EU membership, whereas Nikolić has proposed a economic/travel blockade of Kosovo, a move away from the EU in favor of Russia, and military action if necessary. So as someone who thinks that the very least we can do for Kosovo is make sure they have their own government and army with which to defend themselves from Serbia, Tadíc’s victory is a very, very good thing indeed. It now looks like Kosovo will declare independence, the US and the EU will recognize it shortly, and Serbia won’t do much in response, which is exactly what happened when Montenegro seceded, and exactly what should happen with Kosovo.

However, I can’t pretend to not be disturbed by Tadíc’s slogan: “Let’s conquer Europe together!”. Holy to the crap, Batman. The last two times Serb men seriously affected Continental politics, it didn’t turn out too well. Just sayin’.

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