Best NYT Editorial Ever

You know, I might forgive them for the Hillary endorsement because of this:

A recent Op-Ed article in The Times cited a National Sleep Foundation survey in which more than a quarter of the students reported that they fell asleep in class at least once a week. Researchers say this is true because youngsters — beginning around age 12 until they reach their mid-20s — only start producing melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, around 11 p.m. and that production peaks until about 7 a.m. In adults, melatonin peaks until around 4 a.m. Trying to wake up a teenager before 7 o’clock is like trying to awake an adult before 4 a.m.

Well, that’s certainly what it feels like when my alarm goes off at 6:50AM every weekday morning. It’s only after 10-15 minutes of blog reading that I feel up to getting out of bed and ready for school. And it’s definitely more of a function of what time I get up than of what time I go to sleep. I can go to sleep at 10PM or 2AM, and either way I’ll be tired at 6:50AM, but willing and eager to go as soon after as 7:30AM. So delaying school from 8:00 to, say, 9:30 would definitely constitute progress.

Speaking of newspaper editorials, the LA Times has endorsed Obama, and lavished him with strong praise in their editorial announcing the endorsement. I don’t think it’s be as helpful as the MoveOn and California SEIU nods (both of which confirm that Obama does, in fact, keep a shrine to Ronald Reagan in his basement), but any good news out of California is certainly welcome.

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