Rachael Ray is Awesome

See, I had a back-of-the-head, casual hatred of Rachael Ray before today. The excessive abbreviations (E.V.O.O? delish?), the pervasive Dunkin’ Donuts ads, the general giddiness – it was all too much for me. But that was before I learned she not only attends South by Southwest, she brings great acts along with her:

Yes, we already knew foodie superstar Rachael Ray is an indie rock fan — she put twee group the Boy Least Likely To (along with Nellie McKay and Puffy Amiyumi) on her Too Cool for School Mixtape for Kids back in the fall of 2006.

But there’s a big difference between the Boy Least Likely To’s gentle coos and the abrasive instrumental art rock purveyed by Battles and Holy Fuck. I mean, if you try cooking to this stuff, you might end up with a whole arm chopped up in a blender.

Regardless, we’ve just received confirmation that yes, Rachael Ray did indeed invite Battles to perform at her SXSW party. And Holy Fuck too! (Can you even say that word on the Food Network?) Alas, Battles won’t be participating– they aren’t doing SXSW at all this year. No word yet on Holy Fuck.

Boy Least Likely To is a great band, but it’s a band I could imagine someone as professionally effervescent as Ray would like; “Be Gentle With Me” and “I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star” aren’t exactly the hardest rocking tunes ever written.

But Battles? Creators of the 50 minute cosmic death-rattle that is Mirrored (#7 album of 2007), Battles? Authors of the guitar-slime slicking, glam-rock stomping epic that is “Atlas” (#3 song of 2007), Battles?

And Holy Fuck? Their name is Holy Fuck. The Rachel Ray I thought I knew would see that name on the album cover and run away very fast to listen to Feist or something. But she didn’t. She invited them to a party she was throwing. At a hipster-friendly culture festival. I love this woman.

P.S. Yes, yes I am watching the debate right now. But it’s mostly civil, though, and, well, Rachael Ray’s awesomeness is breaking news.

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