I don’t think anyone can really argue that Hillary is more electable than Obama after watching this:

Now, Chuck Norris is with Huckabee, of course, and Sly Stallone’s with McCain. But before today, no action-movie strongman had endorsed either of the Democratic candidates. How would the Democrats win in November if they had to face Walker, Texas Ranger or, worse yet, the deadly combination of Rocky and Rambo? Now that Obama has the backing of the star of Santa with Muscles (holding strong at #29 on the IMDB Bottom 100), as well as the host of American Gladiators, it’s clear that he has the raw human strength to hold his own against either Republican killing-machine/surrogate. But who will be laying the smack down on Rambo for Hillary? No one, that’s who.

Via Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein.

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