Monday Morning Celebrity Playlist Blogging

My main reaction coming out of Juno was “wow, I really want to hang out with Juno, and Mark, and Paulie”. In a development sure to further damage my ability to separate reality from film, the iTunes Celebrity Playlists for Ellen Page, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Diablo Cody, and Jason Reitman are all equally appealing.

Bateman’s has the most overlap with my own preferences; he loves him some Turn On the Bright Lights and Surfer Rosa, specifically “Gigantic”, which is one of my favorite songs ever. Also, there’s Belle & Sebastian, Buckley doing “Hallelujah” (an obvious choice, but a good one), and Wilco; I always suspected I had some Michael Bluth in me, but this is scary. Page, for her part, recognizes what a great make-out song “Lover’s Spit” is, that CocoRosie and Björk are goddesses of weird, and the Cat Power and Sleater-Kinney kick ass. She also loves Horses as much as her character, and throws in a “Love Will Tear Us Apart” cover to boot. Pretty awesome.

Cera has an interesting love of ’60s pop (Zombies, Cher & Sonny), indie pop (Beulah, the Unicorns), and, of course, Weezer (“The Good Life”); this is more diverse than I had expected of such an indie poster boy. Cody focuses on the classics, including some of my faves (“I Found a Reason”, “Tumbling Dice”), and goes after my heart with this comment about “Thirteen”, my favorite Big Star song and, like “Gigantic”, one of my favorites songs ever: “This is the sound of Ivory-pure lust and burgeoning twitterpation. This entire album is insanely good. Many people only know Big Star from the That ’70s Show theme song. That is a tragedy. There should be Big Star History Month.” I’m totally on board for BSHM. Hell, I’d be willing to give lectures on how great #1 Record is. Because #1 Record is, as she says, insanely good.

Reitman’s is the furthest from my own taste, with Yo La Tengo, The Magnetic Fields, and Belle & Sebastian the only overlapping artists (though, as these things go, 3 out of 13 ain’t bad). I do love this comment about “Absolutely Cuckoo” by the Fields: “It’s from an album of fifty love songs.” Dude, the album’s called 69 Love Songs. Try harder.

All around, an excellent job from the Juno crew. I might have to steal their iPods now.
(Note to college admissions officers: I don’t actually plan on stealing any iPods. That’s right, that was just some of the irony the kids enjoy these days.)

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