Obama: NOT a Marxist

Am I the only one who finds Paul Rosenberg’s threeposts-and-counting Gramscian critique of Obama really, really amusing? The two main critiques of Obama thus far have been the “ZOMG militant Muslim socialist” argument of the right and the bizarre left-wing conviction that he has, as Matt Yglesias brilliantly put it, “shrines to David Broder and Ronald Reagan in his basement”. But Rosenberg’s the first person I’ve read critique Obama on the basis that he doesn’t challenge the bourgeois as understood by an idiosyncratic Italian communist leader’s interpretation of Marxist dogma. Personally, I’m cool with Obama and Gramsci clashing. Also, I’m okay with him differing with Guevara, Castro, Béla Kun, Rosa Luxembourg – even Marx and Engels. Really, it doesn’t bother me that much.

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