So apparently there’s now a more effective, and less invasive, way of preventing a heroin overdose than injecting adrenaline directly into the heart. It’s called Narcan, and it’s a nasal spray that’s being distributed to addicts and saving their lives. Of course, the Bush administration hates it and its usage. Awesome.

The logic they’re using is the same as the logic anti-HPV vaccine types use to discourage making that vaccine mandatory. Just as knowing that having sex won’t result in cervical cancer inevitably leads to teh promiscuity, knowing that one can stave off the more devastating effects of a heroin overdose will lead addicts to stay on smack. Both of these arguments are stupid, of course, but the anti-Narcan one is particularly idiotic. The people using Narcan are heroin addicts. Deterrence isn’t really a factor when the actor being deterred is irrational. And I think it’s safe to say that most heroin junkies don’t do a careful cost-benefit analysis before shooting up.

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