That’s It, I’m Switching to the BSD License

This is wrong. Very, very wrong:

As someone nerdy enough to have actually read a biography of Richard Stallman, the sight of him dancing to the shame of my generation is quite distressing. Damn you, Ezra, for linking to this.

In the world of rap music that’s actually, you know, good, I see that Prodigy of Mobb Deep has gotten a 30 day delay on the start of his prison sentence for weapons charges, due to complications from his sickle-cell anemia. While it’s nice to see that the New York Department of Corrections is more sensitive about his condition than 2Pac, Prodigy’s whole predicament worries me. With him heading to prison due to weapons violations, and T.I. likely to follow for the same, doesn’t it seem like the NRA has an opportunity to gain a lot of support from rap fans? If they are able to add suburbanite teenagers to their current base among hunters and survivalists, I don’t know if they’ll ever be stopped.

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