Nevada Results

The Republican race seems basically settled. Romney won a blowout, winning the first actual majority we’ve seen in either party so far (and, no, the Democratic Michigan results don’t count). Here are the results, with 36% reporting:

Mitt Romney: 54%
John McCain: 13%
Ron Paul: 11%
Mike Huckabee: 8%
Fred Thompson: 7%
Rudy Giuliani: 4%
Duncan Hunter: 1%

Man, I hope Paul gets second place. Also, this just confirms that Giuliani has his opponents right where he wants them.

As for the Democrats, it seems like there’s a two-way race for first, with Edwards far behind. With 47.42% in, we’ve got:

Hillary Clinton: 50.17%
Barack Obama: 44.42%
John Edwards: 5.08%
Uncommitted: 0.25%
Dennis Kucinich: 0.07%
Michael Gravel: 0%

I think it’s too early to call it, especially given as it’s unclear whether the at-large precincts are in yet, but it’s looking good for Hillary, and very, very bad for Edwards.

P.S. CNN and MSNBC are calling it for Clinton. This seems fair; 71.24% of precincts are now in, and she’s ahead 50% to 45%. Also, the Wynn, one of the big at-large precincts, was far closer than predicted, which suggests that those precincts weren’t the Obama fail-safes they were thought to be.

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