Appeals to (Indie Rock) Authority

So, are you still undecided in the Democratic presidential primary, and just waiting to hear what the good people of the Arcade Fire (who some idiot called Minipundit thinks made the second best album of 2007) think about it? Well, if so, then you’re in luck. Because Win Butler, the Fire’s Fearless Leader, has announced his choice:

I am watching Hillary Clinton in her victory speech in new Hampshire…they just threw a bunch of college kids behind her, and had her talk about student loans, and had her daughter come out for a long awkward hug…does anyone actually buy it? Surely young people are too media savvy to be fooled by this kind of shit.
do we live in a democracy so we can just keep electing the same families?
Barack is the first candidate in my lifetime to strip some of this bullshit away, and I just hope we don’t blow this chance.
man if we miss this opportunity we don’t deserve it…how bad does it have to get?


Maybe not the most articulate endorsement the world’s ever seen, but I’ll take it. Having already locked up the emo vote with Conor Oberst‘s endorsement, the country-rock vote with Jeff Tweedy’s, the jazz fusion vote with Herbie Hancock’s, and the hip-hop vote with Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and the Cool Kids, Obama now seems well positioned to pick up the Pitchfork-reading hipster vote. Meanwhile, Hillary’s backed by 50 Cent, Timbaland, and, er, Barbra Streisand. For his part, Edwards got Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne to play concerts for him in Iowa and New Hampshire. Advantage: Obama.

P.S. Speaking of Jeff Tweedy, I listened to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot for the first time in years this past week. I know everyone with ears loves that album, but it’s really impossible to overstate its excellence. “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” and “Jesus Etc.” in particular are tremendous achievements.

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