Newsflash: Obama Is Not a Conservative

Matt Stoller has, with very few exceptions, spent this campaign bashing Obama non-stop, but this is just absurd:

We like to think we live in the reality-based community. And if you know all of these things, and you still support Obama, you have to concede that you are supporting a conservative candidate for President. And that’s fine. But just go into this with clear eyes.

Come on. Come the hell on. You can’t call the only Democratic candidate to oppose the largest, least justified American military action since Vietnam conservative. You can’t call someone who’s proposed an insanely aggressive plan to combat global warming conservative. You can’t call someone who’s proposed a national public health insurance program that anyone can buy into, a new, heavily regulated private market with community rating and massive subsidies, and an employer/child mandate who’s also stated his desire to move toward single-payer conservative. You can’t call someone who wants to make the most burdensome tax on the middle class more progressive conservative.
Look, I get it. After seven years of Bush, people like Stoller want payback. They want to draw blood, and Obama’s gall to suggest that the Republican party isn’t composed of cartoonish evil imbeciles irritates them. But that doesn’t justify lying. And Stoller is lying here. Either that, or he hasn’t listened to a single word Obama has said over the course of the campaign, which, considering he’s a political blogger, I find unlikely. If Stoller wants to stop Obama, and go for a candidate like Edwards who helped get us into the debacle in Iraq, then fine. But he should be honest as he does it.

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