Happy New Year!

And what a happy new year it is, what with the Des Moines Register poll showing Obama ahead by a statistically significant seven points (MOE’s 3.5%). He’s at 32%, followed by Clinton at 25%, and Edwards at 24%. Remember: in 2004, the Register correctly predicted the order in which the candidates placed. More importantly, it underestimated Kerry’s margin of victory by a factor of two; if Obama wins by seven points, let alone fourteen, it’ll be viewed as an epic blowout. Also, Pollster.com’s poll of pollsters shows the Register to be far and away the most trusted poll of Iowa within the industry; Zogby, which shows Clinton ahead, finishes dead last.
Meanwhile, I’ve found myself oddly transfixed by the Futureheads’ cover of “Hounds of Love”. Thing is, I don’t even like the Futureheads, or Kate Bush. But it seems like I’m not alone in my love for this song. Enjoy:

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