A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. A Beautiful, Beautiful Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

You know, as accurate as it was four years ago, and as beloved as it is within the industry, the Des Moines Register poll sure is getting a lot of hate. The Edwards and Clinton campaigns are running with these caveats, of course, and major media outlets, which have been pushing an “Obama fading, Edwards resurgent” narrative for the past week or so, have their own asses to cover. I for one think that the Register has too much of a reputation to lose to put out a poll they have any substantial doubts about, and that Iowa-based pollster Ann Selzer, who conducted it, knows her state better than the DC media/political establishment that’s doubting her. But regardless, I think Noam Scheiber is right that the poll will create momentum of its own. Especially when a statewide newspaper, with a circulation of 146,000, has a New Year’s front page that looks like this:

Via Michael Crowley.

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