Awesome movie. Just plain fantastic. And I wasn’t planning on it being this great. As much as I loved Little Miss Sunshine, it was always teetering on the edge of self-parody, and based on the trailer and reviews I feared that this would fall over the edge. Moreover, I just watched No Country for Old Men this past weekend, and as, well, Juno McGruff says of listening to the Stooges, “everything else sounds precious in comparison”. But those fears weren’t realized. For one thing, I just love the character of Juno (who wouldn’t be half as good as she is without Ellen Page’s terrific acting). She has an LP of Horses in her room, begins phone calls with sentences like “I’d like to procure a hasty abortion”, announces she’s in labor by shouting “THUNDERCATS ARE GO!” – who wouldn’t want to be her friend? But rather than making her a vessel for the viewer, Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman confront her imperfections, and those of all the films’ other characters, from Jennifer Garner’s anal retentive WASP mother-to-be, to Jason Bateman’s aging, immature hipster, to Michael Cera’s Paulie Bleeker, a guy just as weird and likeable as Juno (I think I speak for all Arrested Development fans in saying that George Michael deserves all the great roles he’s landing). I won’t go on, lest I dole out spoilers, but it’s a great movie, the best I’ve seen so far this year (granted, I’m still working my way through the late-December begging-for-an-Oscar releases), and you should all go see it.
P.S. Ellen Page and the girl who plays Leah, her best friend in Juno have a new movie coming out next year. It’s about two teenage lesbians who fall in love but hit a snag because one of them (Page) is a werewolf. If that isn’t a promising premise, I don’t know what is.

4 thoughts on “Juno

  1. Hah, yeah I saw Juno the other week, it was really, really enjoyable. Made me miss Arrested Development though, even though Bateman and Cera never actually had any scenes together (at least that I can remember).

  2. While the “hasty abortion” line is pretty good, isn’t it more noteworthy that she is calling to procure said abortion on a hamburger phone? While this comment could get very lengthy if I was just mentioning parts of the movie I liked, Michael Cera’s “Well Respected Man” accompanied introduction is one of the better uses of well-known music in a movie this year.

  3. Arlen – yeah, I don’t think they had any scenes together. Though Juno did have some Maeby-like qualities, which anyone dating a character played by Michael Cera should have.
    Matt – Or the fact that she apologizes to the abortion clinic for the unreliability of said hamburger phone. And you’re right, the soundtrack’s fantastic, and I don’t even like Kimya Dawson. I particularly like the use of “I’m Sticking With You” by the Velvets when she meets Paulie at the track.

  4. I saw it christmas eve night. Ellen page is currently sitting on the inside track for 2008 best actress in my opinion but the whole ensemble in general is incredible.
    Javier Bardem is my best actor at this point although my wife is making the case for Johnny Depp.

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