In Other News, Hillary Clinton is a Raging Misogynist

Crazy things occur during presidential primary campaigns. McCain gets accused of fathering a child with a black prostitute, Biden plagiarizes from a failed British Labour Party leader, Mondale attacks Hart by quoting a Wendy’s ad – genuinely bizarre things happen. But never in a million years did I suspect that a major liberal blog would accuse Barack Obama – Barack freakin’ Obama – of supporting segregationism. Oh, how wrong I was:

In yearning for a return of the civility of yesteryear, is Barack Obama actually yearning for the return of the Dixiecrats, who sought to keep blacks legally segregated in South in a condition of second-class citizenship? In a word-yes. Of course it’s not a conscious intention on his part. But the presence of a significant block of Southern Democrats in Congress was an important factor in producing a defacto three-party system that muted overall polarization to historic lows for a period of decades from the 1930s to the 1970s.

This is not a parody. Paul Rosenberg, one of the three main contributors to, was completely sincere in writing that paragraph. To him, it’s not possible that Obama wants to decrease polarization without resurrecting Strom Thurmond and George Wallace. No, to Rosenberg the more likely explanation is that Obama subconsciously hates black people. Such as himself. I’m looking forward to Rosenberg’s follow-up post explaining why Osama bin Laden is an Uncle Tom.

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