So, About How I Called You a Drug Dealer…

Bill Shaheen has apologized publicly, Hillary apologized privately to Obama before today’s debate, and now Shaheen has finally resigned. Good; this is what should happen when a major campaign adviser baselessly accuses an opponent of dealing drugs.
By the way, I watched that debate, and it went well. It was pretty staid, without much back and forth, but Obama was composed, well-prepared, and quick on his feet; I especially liked it when he defended Biden against charges of racism. An Iowa focus group interviewed after the debate was split fifty-fifty between Obama and Edwards winning, with only two people saying Hillary won. It split similarly when asked for candidate preferences. Notably, every single person in the focus group, including the Hillary supporters, thought Hillary was playing dirty because of the Shaheen comments.
And I think even the most die-hard Hillary supporter would admit that Obama got the line of the night (er, mid-afternoon) here:

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