Album Art Critic

I, like most indie-rock fans, have a love-hate with Pitchfork. But for Stephen Deusner’s feature mocking the worst album art of 2007, it’s all love. He’s just so delightfully mean. My personal favorite is his comment on the Eagles’ Long Road Out of Eden:

Any cover that lists “Eagles” as the artist is a horrible cover.

Ouch. And the thing is, I don’t even harbor the deep-seeded hatred of the Eagles that many people seem to, and yet I still love that line.
By the way, this seems as good a time as any to praise Sleevage, the only blog I know of solely devoted to reviewing album art. But unlike Deusner, the people behind Sleevage keep it positive, usually only posting about covers they like. Posts include all kinds of cool details about the history behind the covers and the technical details of how they were made that are pretty hard to find elsewhere. It’s great; check it out.

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