Got The Wisdom Pulled Out of Me

Guess who just got his wisdom teeth pulled? And buy “just”, I mean the surgery ended about forty minutes ago. I still have gauze in my mouth. I took Ezra Klein’s (or rather, one of his commenter’s) advice and brought my iPod, but unlike Ezra, I don’t think the idea’s quite worthy of a MacArthur Grant for Nobel prize winners in the category of genius. It made it quite hard to hear what the surgeon was saying, and to understand what I was supposed to be doing I had to turn the volume down to a point where I could barely hear it. Though I have to say, it made for some awesome dental/lyrical combinations. Like when I was listening to “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse“, and during the line “come on, chemicals!” I got a huge syringe of novocaine injected into my gums. Or when the first two teeth were pulled during Joy Division’s “She Lost Control” (which would have been scarier if the surgeon had been a woman), or when last two teeth were pulled to the tune of the Exploding Hearts’ “Modern Kicks” (I was “getting modern kicks” all right). But the best match-up, by far, was when I got stitches on my gums during the Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey”. Which is exactly the right simile for that experience.

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