When the least popular event on a campaign swing has 8,500 people and fills all but the balcony-height seats in the largest venue in New Hampshire, you’re doing pretty well. When you give a speech as impassioned as the one Obama gave last night, you’re doing even better. I was pleasantly surprised with Oprah. I’ve never watched her show or really understood the cultural impact she has, but she has a very low-key and unpretentious charisma, which suited itself well to the content of her speech. She didn’t delve too deeply into policy, but then again that’s not really her role; she described how she was inspired by Obama to get involved, and the audience was with her the whole way through.
But Obama was better. He was on last night. He reached near-DNC speech levels of power at the very end of the speech, where he deviated from his stump script to ask voters to “stand up” as previous generations had for social justice. It was one of the best speeches I’ve seen him give, and that’s really saying a lot.
Probably the most interesting thing about the event was that it was introduced by Gov. John Lynch, who’s stayed neutral thus far but whose wife has endorsed Hillary. He stopped short of an endorsement, but he was pretty positive:

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