WaPo Column Nitpicking

I disagree with most of Michael Gerson’s column on Mitt Romney’s speech for all the obvious reasons that I won’t bore you with again, but the opening paragraph stuck out at me:

In the strange cycle of American history, once again a youthful presidential candidate from Massachusetts with a suspect religion has spoken in Texas about the relationship of church and state at a key moment in his campaign.

Gerson is approximately the 5,427th person to compare Romney’s situation to Kennedy’s; it’s a false analogy (Mormonism is, by any reasonable standard, far more objectionable than Catholicism) but a common one. What’s decidedly less common is the conviction, apparently held by Gerson, that a 60-year-old man with eleven grandchildren is comparably youthful to a 43-year-old (42 at this stage in the campaign) with a two-year-old daughter, or even youthful period. This may be the most obviously false throwaway line in an op-ed that I’ve ever seen.

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