Return to Cookie Mountain

You know how a year ago I trash-talked Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio? Well, I don’t know what was wrong with me then, but that album’s fantastic. I bought “Wolf Like Me” on iTunes six months ago, and so on my last opportunity I used the “complete my album” option* and got the rest of it. And it’s good. Really good. Just listen to “Dirtywhirl”:
I’m still convinced the best track is “Wolf Like Me”, though. It’s about werewolves, after all. And werewolves make everything better:
* Apparently, Apple doesn’t like people buying albums from them more than six months after buying a single song. Why this would be good for business is beyond me.

2 thoughts on “Return to Cookie Mountain

  1. Hmm. After trying to listen with an open mind, I’ve gotta say, I still agree with last year’s Minipundit. I still don’t get why these guys are critical darlings.

  2. I can’t speak for critics at large, but I like how unabashedly lush they make their music. Maybe it’s just that I spent the last week listening to nothing but Guided by Voices, but there’s something nice about bands on the indie scene going for a really huge sound instead of lo-fi. And songs like “Wolf Like Me”, “Dirtywhirl”, and “Hours” are just really well-constructed.

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