The Benefits of Experience

Bill Richardson served for 14 years as a US Congressman, for one as US Ambassador to the UN, as three as Secretary of Energy, and for five as Governor of New Mexico. Bill Richardson also doesn’t know that the US is in NATO. Remember kids: experience counts.

1 thought on “The Benefits of Experience

  1. I think the real experience question is not whether Obama has enough experience to be a good president, because he does. Rather the question is whether we have enough experience with him to know what kind of president he would be. I can guess how Hillary Clinton would act as president. It wouldn’t be perfect by any means, but it would be within reason. I didn’t guess what Bush 43 would be like; he turned out to be much worse than I expected.
    Obama would at least sometimes be a wonderful president. He would either be wonderful all the time, or some combination of wonderful and terrible. I don’t mean to spread doubt on this point; I think that he’d do a good job. But this is the real question, not whether he has enough training.

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