Dear Surviving Members of the Clash,

Why did you make Sandinista! the way that it is? Seriously, I don’t understand. Half of the album is the best stuff you guys ever produced; songs like “The Magnificent Seven”, “Somebody Got Murdered”, “Police On My Back”, “Washington Bullets”, and “Lose This Skin’ are better than anything on The Clash or London Calling.
The other half, however is the weirdest, laziest filler I’ve ever heard. Did you really need to include the dub versions of four of the songs? Did you really need to play one of the songs (“Something About England”) backwards and include the result (“Mensforth Hill”)? Did you really need to get children to sing “Guns of Brixton” and “Career Opportunities”?
It wasn’t like you were didn’t have enough good songs for an album. Sandinista! is a triple album; cutting all the crap still leaves a double album at least, and cutting everything but the classics still leaves a single album (and a fantastic single album at that). You really didn’t need to include the filler. Why’d you do it? Really, I love you all (and Joe too), but I’m confused.


2 thoughts on “Sandinista!

  1. The CD version is two CDs, but if they took out all of the filler, it would easily fit on one CD. Don’t forget “Hitsville, UK”, one of their best ever.
    It seems like they fell in love with Reggae when they made this CD, and it has some of their best reggae songs ever. “Junco Partner” & “Crooked Beat” sound like they could have been made by Jamaica’s best. There are even some vocals that sound a lot like Eek-A-Mouse – was he even around before this album?

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