Populism. On Crack.

Allow me to join GFR, Yglesias, and Beutler in reiterating that John Edwards’ plan to deny Congresspeople health care until they pass a universal health care plan (which Edwards is basing a new TV ad upon) is a) a fairly shameless violation of the 27th amendment b) likely to be passed by Congress, well, never and c) completely empty demagoguery.
One more thing about the plan, though. How would Edwards define “universal health care plan”? He’s said that Obama’s plan isn’t universal, so presumably that wouldn’t be acceptable. But would he include anything else? Or would the bill just be “pass the Edwards health care plan or lose your health care”, in which case wouldn’t it just be easier to, you know, get Congress to pass the Edwards health care plan without any of this stupid, unconstitutional funny business?

3 thoughts on “Populism. On Crack.

  1. Couldn’t the law be written so that congress lost it’s health care after the 2010 midterms? Then it would create a deadline for action on universal health care in Edwards first term, which is actually the point.

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