Deep Thoughts from Steve Sailer

And you wonder why people don’t take everyone’s favorite scientific racist seriously:

During a lifetime of standing around magazine racks reading magazines, I’ve noticed that attractive women virtually never read stand in front of the section with the serious public affairs magazines like The Atlantic Monthly, The Nation, National Review, and the Economist. Instead, they flip through beauty and fashion magazines, celebrity magazines, or, if they have a wedding ring, fancy home decor magazines.

Oh, those attractive women. Always with the fashion magazines. And we know this is true, because there’s absolutely no reason to doubt the statistical validity of Sailer’s anecdotes.
You know, sometimes I think that Steve Sailer’s career exists to validate the sexist and racist rantings of inebriated barflies everywhere. The rest of the time, I think Sailer’s an example of such a barfly who manages to land a think tank job.

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