New My Bloody Valentine Album

I think the combination of this and In Rainbows is far too awesome to happen in a single year:

Speaking to “Soft Focus” host and DC scene mainstay Ian Svenonius, here’s Kevin [Shields]: “We were making a record in the 90s, around when the band broke up in 1995…and I continued with Bilinda [Butcher, guitarist/vocalist]. We kinda made…most of an album…
“[The new album is] going to be this 96/97 half-finished record finished, and then a compilation of stuff we did before that in 1993–94, and a little bit of new stuff.
“I pretty much know what the one that’s going to come out this year is going to sound like because it’s already pretty much three-quarters done already…it sounds like what we sounded like– different but not radically different. People will go, ‘Yeah, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine.’

As Matthew Solarski says,

So what did we learn today? That My Bloody Valentine are indeed back together in some configuration or another. That they’ve recorded new material. That they have at least two releases on the way, one of which may very well come out this year. And, last but not least, that Loveless has a follow-up and IT WILL SOON TOUCH THE EARS OF HUMANKIND.

Indeed. The fact that this is mostly from the early to mid-90s, and not from today, is actually good news; while Kevin Shields’ 2000-vintage work with Primal Scream was chockful of awesome, this stuff is much more likely to be of Loveless quality than a Dinosaur Jr.-style reunion album. And what do I mean by “Loveless quality”? Well, this:

There’s a good reason why the first two seconds of that have been called the best two seconds of music ever recorded. Namely, because they are. I don’t know if the new album will reach those heights, but if it even approaches them it’ll be one of the best of the year.

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