Fallows Among the Pandas

In the cute animal wars, I’ve usually split evenly between the Little Spotted Kiwi, the Little Penguin, and the Puffin; siding with birds is necessary in the face of the obvious threat posed by bears. That said, I, like Matt Yglesias, am seriously jealous that Jim Fallows got paid to hang out with pandas in Southern China. Not a panda, mind you, pandas: there are dozens of the little guys, and Fallows not only got to observe them frolicking together, he got to frolick with them himself. Really, watch the slideshow and try not to say “Aww…” every five seconds. Sadly, it doesn’t include any photos of Fallow frolicking with pandas, but the sheer quantity of cute pandas included more than makes up for that.

1 thought on “Fallows Among the Pandas

  1. Teh Cute Face-Off: Birds vs Bears

    Jim Fallows at The Atlantic got to play with pandas, and in response Minipundit throws down the bird card he recognizes the utter cuteness of the bear population, but says birds are also adorable. A similar divide has been going on in my house …

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