Popping the Inevitability Bubble

Obama is only down by 10 points in NH according to Rasmussen; this is as opposed to 16 only two weeks ago. Also, Zogby finds her up 3 points in Iowa; if you redistribute the votes of candidates garnering under 15% (how the caucuses work in real life), Obama only trails by a point, a statistical tie.
But, as we all know, Hillary will be the nominee and it’s foolish to even try to defeat her.

3 thoughts on “Popping the Inevitability Bubble

  1. As I see it the most serious argument against Clinton is that she triangulates too much and she would fall short of progressive goals if elected. Also she might get in trouble in the election for taking both sides too often. These are serious concerns and I can’t say that she is all that fantastic. The main thing is that she would put an end to the untenable policies of the guy that we have now. I can’t imagine that she would continue the Guantanamo prison camp, for instance.
    Obama seems more consistent and more pure. (With maybe a few exceptions such as his strange saber-rattling over Pakistan.) But the Obama campaign comes with its own worrisome minus. Some of his supporters seem caught up in a quest to yank the Democratic party to the left, never mind the election. (And I don’t mean you specifically; I have heard from several Obama supporters.)
    Anyway on that note I rather like the charts at Real Clear Politics. Consider their New Hampshire and Iowa pages, and their national Democratic page. It rather looks like Iowa is Obama’s Hail Mary pass. He is close to Hillary in that state, but he has never crossed places with her in any RCP average for any state. So although Hillary is not quite inevitable, nor would it be fantastic for America if she were, the primary is hers to lose.

  2. Hillary is a Democrat in name only. There’s no way I’d vote for her – I hate her almost as much as I hate the Republicans. If she’s the nominee, I plan to not vote in this election. Moving to Vancouver is looking more appealing all the time, as this country is getting screwed up beyond repair. I’m taking my third trip there this year in a few weeks.

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