Pointless Music Squabbling

Peter Suderman:

Is Nirvana’s In Utero the greatest rock album of the last thirty years? Quite possibly.

Um, no; In Utero
wasn’t even the best album released by Nirvana. Call me conventional, but Nevermind, on a pure song-by-song basis, is far superior.
Also, London Calling, OK Computer, Pretenders, Swordfishtrombones, Surfer Rosa, and Loveless were all released in the last thirty years and each of them is, in its own way, better than Nevermind, not to mention In Utero.
This assertion of Suderman’s is puzzling too:

The only Jay-Z album I’ve ever enjoyed was The Grey Album, and that had a lot more to do with Danger Mouse and the Beatles than Jay.

The only Grey Album track I’ve heard was “99 Problems“, and the usage of “Helter Skelter” samples there was weird and sounded much worse than the Billy Squier sample on the original. That said, I have no idea how Suderman couldn’t love The Blueprint. Really? How could anyone not like “Heart of the City”? I don’t even like rap, generally speaking, and I like “Heart of the City”:

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