Weblog Awards Ballot

While, out of solidarity with Zeitlin, I’ll be boycotting the “Best New Blog” category (high school senior bloggers need to stick together), here’s the rest of my ballot for the 2007 Weblog Awards:
Best Blog: Boing Boing, I guess, but I don’t read any of the choices.
Best Individual Blogger: Lindsey Beyerstein.
Best Comic Strip: xkcd, duh. And it’s in a pretty close race with winger favorite Day By Day, the progenitor of the timeless term “Kantian nihilism”, so be sure to vote on this one.
Best Online Community: I’d really love to say Slashdot, but since it’s in a close race with Islamophobe Central, Daily Kos.
Best Liberal Blog: This is a tough one, it really is. But considering as I read TPMCafé and TPM Election Central more than Talking Points Memo proper, I think Josh Marshall loses out to Shakesville.
Best Conservative Blog: I once read an essay on Joyce which contained the memorable quote, “saying Ulysses is an easier read than Finnegan’s Wake is like saying that being shot in the foot is better than getting five grenades up the ass”. Similarly, Captain’s Quarters isn’t so much good as it is not as mind-crushingly awful as Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades, or Powerline.
Best Political Coverage: Ben Smith.
Best Gossip Blog: Go Fug Yourself, of course.
Best Podcast: Slate Magazine Daily.
Video of the Year: Chocolate Rain. I know I should really be saying the Obama Girl video, but “Chocolate Rain” is oh so strangely entrancing.
Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs: The Carpetbagger Report, though Feministe and McMegan are great too.
Best of the Top 1001 – 1750 Blogs: Obsidian Wings.
And the rest I’m not informed enough to have an opinion on.

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